Om Room


Using High Tech science based BioField Scanner to determine without a doubt which chakras are out of alignment, and then bringing them back into balance.

Have You Ever Seen Your Chakras?

Thanks to improvements in science and technology, we are now able to physically see the balance of your chakras using a BioField Scanner! We will begin each session with a full body scan, which not only shows your chakra balance, but also creates a full report on your stress levels, energy levels, and the functionality of your organs. You will be given the full report to take home with you! Once your assessment has been made, we will balance your chakras using crystals, sound healing, tuning forks and vortex infused chakra cookies. Individual Sessions are offered daily from 11-5. Group Sessions up to 4 people are available by appointment. Please call 480-420-8713 to book a group session.