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Normatec’s compression therapy increases circulation and helps you maintain your full range of motion, leaving you fresh and limber.

Our system uses dynamic air compression to massage your legs, hips, and/or arms. Pneumatic Compression started as a recovery system designed for professional athletes, but it has made its way into the mainstream, and people everywhere are benefitting from Compression Therapy.

The NormaTec PULSE Recovery System consists of a compression device that surrounds your arms, legs, or hips. This sleeve-like massage therapy method helps rid muscles of lactic acid and lymphatic fluids, clearing the way for enhanced recovery and shorter downtime between workouts. While this method is most popular among athletes, it can also be beneficial for anyone dealing with poor circulation or working on their feet all day.

Compression therapy is proven to help improve flexibility and reduce pain in a person's legs following a workout.

Benefits of compression include:

How does it work?

You simply place your arms or legs in the sleeve- or pant-like attachments (get ready to look like you’re going for a space walk) and choose the intensity level for your massage. Then just sit back and relax as it gets to work.
More blood flow means more oxygen and nutrients get to your muscles, helping them move better and recover faster.