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Inversion therapy is a technique where you are slowly suspended upside down to stretch the spine and relieve back pain. By shifting the body’s gravity, pressure eases off the back while also providing traction for the spine. Our inversion table also includes Infrared Heat straight to your back to allow for more relaxation in the muscles before inversion.

Inversion exercises help the spine by:

Inversion therapy may be beneficial for people with:

Practicing inversion therapy may also translate to better flexibility. You may find it easier to bend and reach. Inversion therapy is also thought to improve posture. This might be especially helpful if you work at a desk.


Infrared heat is a gentle, soothing, and therapeutic heat that promotes relaxation and improved sleep. Since infrared therapy enhances and improves circulation in the skin and other parts of the body, it can bring oxygen and nutrients to injured tissues, promoting healing. It helps ease pain, relieve inflammation, and protect against oxidative stress.
Applying infrared heat to the back for 5-15 minutes before inversion allows the muscles spine to fully warm up and relax. With both the inversion and the infrared supporting improved circulation and reduced inflammation, you receive double the benefits.