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As we age or become injured, our cells degenerate and weaken or entirely lose their magnetic charges. Once this occurs the cells are no longer able to exchange ions as effectively, if at all. This loss of ion exchange is how we begin to suffer from pain, inflammation, and fatigue. PEMF Therapy sends pulses of harmonized magnetic energy into the body which boosts the electrical impulses of the cell, bringing it back to a full charge.


The SEDONA Pro PLUS+ is a combination of years of research and modern technology. This is the simplest but most advanced PEMF machine on the market. One of the most profound aspects of the Sedona Pro System is the intensity range, it can go as low as 1 gauss, which is the standard intensity for most home use machines, all the way up to 100 gauss which is a higher and more powerful pulse than most PEMF devices can produce. Also notable is the frequency range, from 1 – 15,000 Hz, which far surpasses all other PEMF devices. This range allows for treatment of a very wide variety of ailments. There is truly no other device with this many options for PEMF Therapy.


Preset programs make this model very friendly for at home use, while also having the option to input your own custom program. Sedona Pro Plus PEMF also has infinity mode, you can turn it on to a low intensity and sleep on it all night long for easy benefits. It has a very soft and comfortable mat, unlike many PEMF devices.
Have a variety of frequencies that you find would be helpful for you? With this device you have the ability to choose two specific frequencies (low and high) with the time set in a 4 minutes duration to ramp between these two frequencies and receive the benefits of a range of frequencies.


High Intensity, Nano-second, Spark-gap PEMF machine engineered to restore and optimize the body’s natural healing system. You will feel the pulsation happening as the true pulsed electromagnetic field reaches out and relieves every area of inflammation in the body.

Delivering an incredible intensity range of 8000 - 12,000 Gauss, the HUGO Pro is in a league of its own!

The HUGO PRO is unique in that it uses dual mats delivering high intensity electromagnetic field pulses above and below the body simultaneously. These pulses penetrate deeply into the body at the cellular level. Treating both top and bottom works faster and more effectively.